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Accessibility declaration

Akademia Wymiaru Sprawiedliwości is committed to provide accessibility of CAS in accordance with the provisions of the Act of April 4, 2019 on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities.

Date of publication: 2021-06-01.
Date of the last significant update: 2021-06-01.
This declaration was made on the basis of the employee's self-assessment.

Compliance status with the Digital Accessibility Act

CAS complies with the Act of April 4, 2019 on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities.


Compliance with standards

This website complies with second-level recommendations defined by WCAG 2.1.

Adaptation for mobile devices

This website can be easily viewed on the screens of mobile devices.

Feedback and contact details

In case of problems with the accessibility of this website, please contact In the same way you can request access to inaccessible information or request for accessibility improvements.

Request and complaint procedure

Everyone has the right to request the digital accessibility of a website, mobile application or any of their elements be ensured. You can also request information to be shared using an alternative means of access, for example by reading a digitally unavailable document, describing the content of the video without audio description, etc.

The request should contain the data of the person submitting the request, an indication of which website or mobile application it is meant and the method of contact. If the requesting person reports the need to receive information by means of an alternative method of access, he should also specify a convenient way of presenting this information.

The public entity should execute the request immediately, not later than within 7 days from the date of the request. If it is not possible to meet this deadline, the public entity shall immediately inform the person submitting the request about it when it will be possible to fulfill the request, and this deadline may not be longer than 2 months from the date of the request.

If digital accessibility is not possible, the public entity may propose an alternative way of accessing the information. In case the public entity refuses to comply with the request to ensure the accessibility or alternative method of access to information, the person submitting the request may file a complaint regarding the provision of digital accessibility of this website, mobile application or website element or mobile application. After exhausting the above-mentioned procedure, you can also submit an application to the Ombudsman.